A Conversation with Golden-Globe Nominee David Oyelowo

As a young girl, I can vividly remember one of my favorite uncles always greeting me with: “Hey little Black child!” To which I would smartly retort, “I’m not Black, I’m brown!” He always laughed and picked me up afterwards, much to my frustration, excitement and utter confusion. Such was the struggle of a five-year-oldContinue reading “A Conversation with Golden-Globe Nominee David Oyelowo”

TBT: A Coversation with ‘Snowfall’ Actor Melvin Gregg

Having been up since 4 in the morning and fresh off a flight from the East Coast, there is a tinge of fatigue in Melvin Gregg‘s voice. And understandably so. He later reveals that despite the long flight back to LA, he’ll be headed to audition not too long after our conversation ends. Such isContinue reading “TBT: A Coversation with ‘Snowfall’ Actor Melvin Gregg”

Actor and Activist Kendrick Sampson On How Hollywood Can Begin to BLD PWR

  If I were to tell you that Kendrick Sampson‘s journey into activism was inspired by a sign in the bathroom, you wouldn’t believe me. But the fact of the matter is, it’s 100% true. A simple message, “Leave It Better Than You Found It,” became the mantra that the Houston native would eventually tap into in orderContinue reading “Actor and Activist Kendrick Sampson On How Hollywood Can Begin to BLD PWR”

TBT: A Conversation with Celebrity Trainer Corey Calliet

Happy Thursday–or should I say Throwback Thursday! That’s right. I’m sure by now you’ve been bombarded with baby photos, high school yearbook pics, or maybe even just selfies from last week from various social media followers. And I hate to say it, I hope I don’t sound ridiculous: but I’m about to add one moreContinue reading “TBT: A Conversation with Celebrity Trainer Corey Calliet”

Thomas Q Jones On TALES, Love, and How Acting Has Helped Him Grow

Thomas Q. Jones may be a relatively new face in Hollywood, but he’s undoubtedly already making major waves. Starring across from industry heavy-hitters such as Gabrielle Union, Alfre Woodard, and now Isaiah Washington on BET’s Tales, this 40-year-old pro-athlete turned persuasive actor is proving with each project that he can indeed hold his own and thatContinue reading “Thomas Q Jones On TALES, Love, and How Acting Has Helped Him Grow”

Robin Givens on Love, Faith, and AMBITIONS

  The OWN network has turned up the heat on Tuesday nights. And if you watched the premiere of the Will Packer produced series Ambitions, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Viewers were catapulted into this deliciously messy drama that follows the lives of five families who are all trying to navigate the waters of dominance, disloyalty, dishonesty,Continue reading “Robin Givens on Love, Faith, and AMBITIONS”

Neil Brown Jr Talks Marriage, Love, and Personal Growth

  Neil Brown Jr. gets to play pretend for the rest of his life. His words, not mine. But if you really sit back and think about it, he’s absolutely right. Fans of Insecure and most recently SEAL Team might also be able to attest to this statement as well, as they watch him so effortlessly portray DJ Yella, ChadContinue reading “Neil Brown Jr Talks Marriage, Love, and Personal Growth”