Robin Givens on Love, Faith, and AMBITIONS


The OWN network has turned up the heat on Tuesday nights. And if you watched the premiere of the Will Packer produced series Ambitions, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Viewers were catapulted into this deliciously messy drama that follows the lives of five families who are all trying to navigate the waters of dominance, disloyalty, dishonesty, and most of all: debauchery. The cast is full of amazing actors who do more than a good job bringing their characters to life — I’m talking Essence Atkins, Brian J. White, Kendrick Cross, Brely Evans and the lead lady of the pack: Robin Givens.

Owning the role of Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster, wife to Atlanta Mayor Evan Lancaster and successful lawyer at her family’s firm, the 54-year-old proves once again why she’s able to maintain relevance in an industry of come-and-goers. She’s poised, she’s sexy, and she’s deliberate.

Givens knows exactly how to reel you in and let you go with just enough so that you’ll keep coming back for more. But perhaps what’s more impressive than what she does on-screen, is the woman she’s become off-screen.

As we chat over the phone on a midweek afternoon, it becomes clear that Givens is a woman who has both lived and learned a lot. She’s a woman who, at this point in life, is very clear on who she is, where she’s going, and who she hopes to be. Her light and reflective disposition radiates easily as she speaks and it lets me know that, more than anything, Robin Givens is an unstoppable, unshakable, and inspiring force.

The renowned actress spoke candidly with me for xoNecole about Ambitions, faith, and if she’ll ever get married again. Check out the highlights below and click here to read the full interview.


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On the allure to play Stephanie Lancaster on Ambitions:  “The writing was just SO good, and I thought I could shade her in and color her a little bit differently than a lot of people would. I just knew I thought of her in a certain way and I wanted to give her a sense of humor. So I think that was a little bit different than what Jamey [Giddens, creator] had in mind initially.”

On what she’s looking for in love: “Well, I like being treated like a lady. I really need someone who just gets me, you know? I’m so different from any of my characters. I need someone who understands me. Someone who thinks I’m cute apart from all of this, acting and getting dressed up… I’m looking for peace because I like that. Laughter, friendship in a very simple way. I like to enjoy life with simplicity, so I try to keep things that way. And someone who is patient, likes dating me, and who can make me laugh…”

On her personal evolution: “I’m grown up–I’m a grown up now! I started this really, really young; I think I’ve had my SAG-Aftra card probably 35 years now or something like that. I’ve grown and the world kind of watched me grow up. Now I’m a grown woman and I like being a grown up. So I think that’s probably the biggest difference. I was a baby in a sense, a kid initially. But with being grown and being more mature, I have a perspective and respect for things and opportunities…”

On the importance of keeping and maintaining her faith in God: ” I think often times, we go through these rituals and we–or I didn’t really get to know God– or what it meant to really fall onto your knees [in prayer] until I could only fall on my knees and prayer. So that relationship changed for me and went beyond being a ritual to being a real relationship and that has meant the world to me…”

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